Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

Please can all perpetual trophies be returned by the 22nd of August at the Mixed Pairs competition. Full list of the previous winners will be on the Roll of Honour page.

Division 2 teams - The Anchor have withdrawn from the league so therefore the remaining games will be given to the teams that they have left to play.

Just to remind you all that the Ladies Singles will now be played on the same night as the Captains and Secretaries on the 26th of September.

Just to remind you of what was said at the meeting on Monday 13th of June. From next week (20th of June), all result sheets must be sent to Olly by Saturday of that game week, if they are not with him by that day then teams will be fined for late result sheets.

 Can you also please send Adam a text message with your results (including any 180's hit) after the game so he can update the website quicker.